Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Running Barefoot - day 1

Today is a momentous occasion.

For the first time in 23 years I ran in my bare feet.

After all the books I've read on this subject (this one and this one) and 'attempts' to do it - the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak...

Since swapping to minimal shoes and then doing an 18 mile run in them while pushing the buggy, my body (strangely enough...) decided to pack in starting with a calf strain then moving into an achilles strain and some other pain under the foot - which is all related to having a weak left calf. *sigh*

Physio appointments and LOTS of strengthening exercises later I'm back doing the miles (in my non-minimal shoes) only starting small and building it up slowly.

I am now educated in the fact you are supposed to gradually introduce minimal footwear or running barefoot - like, 1 minute at a time... WHOOPS! That's so typical of me - it's all or nothing.

So that 50K Ultra I was training for? Yeah nah. Not going to happen.... GUTTED.

And seeing as I'm starting out slowly again on the mileage, I've decided it's time to gradually get those shoes off and start introducing barefoot running, which has been my ultimate goal in all this.

So I headed out the door, running pack strapped to my back, and ran the first mile with shoes on until I reached the tow path by the river. Then the shoes came off and into my backpack and I ran the next 0.8 miles sans shoes!

Oh. My Goodness.

I felt light and quick and I'm sure I could hear the soles of my feet singing the Hallelujah chorus to me!

Sure I felt a bit self-conscious as I ran past people, but I was more focused on how my whole running gait naturally changed to running easily and lightly over the gravel and dirt.

So awesome.

I can see this can become quite addictive.....

And the ultimate goal? NO INJURIES!!
Running with a natural gait landing forefoot first, energy efficient and, you know, natural.

Maybe I need to start growing the hair under my arms too, You know, going all natural and everything.
(don't worry dad, I'm JOKING!...sort of...)

Happy running days peeps!

B x