Sunday, 8 August 2010

Clocking up the miles and loving it!

I'm feeling well chuffed with myself right about now.
I've just run 16.02 miles (to be exact) in 2 hours 30 minutes (9.26 mins/mile pace).
I've just completed another week of marathon training right on target.
This is the first time ever that I've run this sort of ludicrous distance.
And you know what? I'm LOVING IT!
I guess I was expecting it to be such a drag to have to do looooooooong runs every week, but I'm scaring myself by actually meeting the mark in my training schedule, even though it looked impossible and ever so slightly daunting upon commencement!

I've found that it helps to look forward to certain things and keep these in mind when out running and the going gets tough:

i.e. that maybe one day, as a result of all this running, I'll have a body like this...

...but not if I keep drinking this...

... which is another thing I look forward to. 
It's such a shame and really very cruel that a cold beer and it's 'empty calories' tastes so heavenly after a long hot run! *sigh*


  1. Hmmm. The cold beer looks long and lean as well ...