Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Marathon Training - 9 weeks to go and feeling fine!

Wow - it's been rather difficult to get on here this week and give y'all a run down (Ooooo that's a terrible pun sorry...) on how the training's going.
But don't worry yourselves none, I've been a-runnin! Oh yes.

I'm feeling well-chuffed that I'm actually following my marathon schedule as accurately as I can. I guess I was a little nervous that I would start out all excited and stuff, like any other project, and then after a week lose interest and not end up completing it.
But not this time - oh no.
I'm going all the way baby.
26.2 miles in fact!

I'm so flippin' excited about getting to run in Scootlund ! It all feels a bit unreal...
Once I book the flights and accommodation I know my anxiety will settle down.
And the great news is that my sister is going to run the Loch Ness Marathon also!!
I should get a reward (£500 will be sufficient) because I managed to convince her that she has to do it and the scenery will be amazing and we can talk with Scottish accents the whole way around and remember we are part Scottish so it's only right that we should be running in the Highlands blah blah blah...
So I sent her a marathon schedule and she's signed up to do it. YES!

I ran a hilly mountainous half marathon on Sunday with my husband and I totally loved every minute of it! I was feeling so good and my legs and lungs felt strong and the scenery was STUNNING, the marshals friendly. At the end I even felt like I could keep going - now THAT is a sign that this marathon training is actually working!
NEVER have a felt like that at the end of a half marathon! So pleased I was, so pleased!

I had a rather unfortunate mishap last week... I've heard that it happens to many a runner, but still...
I had a wee 'accident' in my undies while out running thanks to a stomach bug that I picked up.
You can read about it at my Stay At Home Mamma blog here.

And you know what? I don't mind you laughing at my expense. It's ok and in fact I encourage it.
That's why I shared it because I knew someone would see the funny side in it...

Anyhoo, bedtime now - running 9 miles tomorrow pushing the buggy with 2 chunky-monkey children it!

Happy running days everyone!

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  1. shucks you are amazing! To run a half and then to want to keep going!! I'm a real clydesdale... and looking at your 10km time (WOW) I feel.... like a clydesdale with legs now. Perserverance though - am inspired by your energy!! Keep it up!! (and funny "wee" accident!)