Saturday, 25 September 2010

The spirit is willing but the flesh (achilles and knee) is weak

So this is the way of it - my achilles and my knee have thrown in the towel.
With only 1 week to go they couldn't handle the demands of marathon training.
So I'm pretty gutted right about now.

I could only do 7 miles today before the pain kicked in...

I know it's been a while since my last post but I couldn't bring myself to admit there was a potential problem for my first much anticipated marathon...

Anyhoo, I figure it's best to listen to the painful cries of these tendons and give them time to sort out their shit rather than keep on pushing through and likely do permanent damage right?

There'll be other marathons.
Yes, there'll be other marathons.

So it's physio appointments for me - strengthening exercises for the glutes and hamstring on my left side where the affected tendons are. Right leg is stronger than my left and is also 1cm longer (go figure?) so this is the reason for my pain...
I'm discovering that physioherapists are pretty darn clever.

But don't worry I shall keep running and all the while listening to my body.
I'm planning to still be out running when I'm 80 so this is really just a minor setback for now.

I've enjoyed doing the training so much that I shall definitely be tackling a marathon as soon as I can.
And I now know that I can at least do 19 miles and not even feel like I'm dying - I think that's pretty darn good!!

As for now, time to apply another icepack and book another physio appointment.


  1. :o( that must be very disappointing. I started up walk/jogging a few weeks back and injured my ankle this week ending up having to limp home in pain... I'm thinking that running is not for me! Back to walking.

  2. Oh no that sucks for you also Meg! :(
    But don't give up on the running thing because of injury - keep at it if you can!!
    With the longer hours of daylight coming up for you and the warmer weather I bet you'll be out there again in no time.
    Take care of your ankle X

  3. That's really disappointing for you Brigitte! All that training and you did SO well! At least you know you can do it for another time?
    My knees are packing up too, but it's got more to do with age and lack of exercise more than the other extreme...

  4. Oh Brigitte! That sucks for you - this time round! There will definitely be other marathons for you to run and I SO look forward to reading about them!

  5. Thanks Judi (mum) and Gail - oh yes, I shall definitely be back into marathon training asap! XX