Monday, 11 October 2010

Crazy times people - CRAZY!

Crazy times indeed.

As it happens, I'm pregnant.

As it happens, I didn't know I was pregnant.

I am thankful I didn't run the Lochness Marathon because, as it turned out, I am pregnant.

I am THRILLED to be pregnant!!

I am NOT thrilled about having to go through morning sickness again.

I am very very tired, but I went for a 5.2 mile run this evening and, even though I felt tired, it felt good getting out there amongst the birds and the trees (I could have said "birds and the bees" but felt that would just be WRONG as it is because of the birds and the bees that I happen to find myself pregnant!!)...

Anyhoo, yes, it felt GREAT to be running again after having to back off my training so my achilles and knee could recover.

I am pleased to have a good level of fitness (pretty much marathon fitness) going into this pregnancy and I aim to keep running (sensibly) throughout this pregnancy like I did with my previous two. Makes those babies healthy and strong (and hopefully not toooooo big...!)

Well, that's my news and a quick update from me.

Happy and Healthy Running!


  1. Congratulations!!! I wanted to run throughout my pregnancy, but I was sick for almost 5 months with all day sickness. You and your hubby make some cute babies, that's for sure! :) xx

  2. Congratulations! And go you running-preggy-mamma!

  3. Yay a baby! That's lovely news.

  4. What awesome news, congratulations! Very happy for you Brigitte.