Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Breeding a Runner

My husband and I love to run.
And we love to take our 2 boys running with us (in a buggy).

Our oldest son is 3 in August and he loves to go out for long runs with us, the wind blowing in his hair, encouring us to go faster
"C'mon Papa c'mon!!"
"Go fast Mamma, go FAST!"

And when we are climbing a hill, he comes out with "You can do it Papa!"

Bless his dear wee heart.

Once we get to the top of the extremely tough hill on our run we always use the excuse of snack-time or a toilet stop and this is where Master 3 likes to get out of the buggy and do his stretches...

As you can see it's very serious stuff. Oh to have that flexibility!

On the way back down the hill is his favourite part cos he gets to run down the hill himself, stretching out his long limbs - the reason why everyone thinks he is a 4 year old!

And he runs. And runs. And runs. His little legs churning rapidly and at such a speed that we are now having to actually put some effort into catching him!

After running down the hill and playing numerous games of "I'm gonna get you!" he would have covered a good distance - around the 1km mark which I'm thinking for a 3 year old is pretty impressive (?)

So now the hunt is on for some toddler running shoes, if such things exist...?

It has both surprised and pleased me immensely that he should love running so much at such an early age and that he actually has the stamina to keep going for quite a distance, so he even works up a sweat and is puffing.

I'm telling you though, when he does start entering into races I wouldn't want to be put up against him - he has the unfair advantage of long legs that will just eat up the ground.
Ooo I'm sounding like a proud mamma already!...

Anyway, watch this space I guess.


  1. Oh man.
    The best photos. EVER!

    Love this!!

  2. That is awesome. Little dude. xx

  3. How CUTE! Love his flexible stretches. I bet Beni could do that too. Ted has got mighty friendly with his feet these days. Pippa