Friday, 16 July 2010

The Queen's Deer, Playgrounds and New Socks!

Today was my first run since Saturday. I have been ill with stomach 'issues' - got some nasty diarrhoea virus thing which left one feeling nauseous, dizzy and needing to visit the toilette every hour (or sometimes less...).

Not cool. At all.

So today, being one of the first day's I haven't needed to lie on the floor every 15 minutes until the nausea passes, I was determined to get out running with the boys in the buggy (which I did) even if it was forecast to rain (which it did).

And oh my goodness did it feel GOOD!!!

This was probably mostly due to the fact that I was wearing the most cushioned socks I have ever experienced! My feet were practically falling asleep they were so comfortable!

It wasn't a fast run at all, but it was a good run. I felt great actually! I even kept on going after cresting the top of the nasty hill on our route which we normally take a 'breather' at the top when pushing the buggy cos it literally takes your breath away. Yay for me!

Although there were moments of rain there was a whole lot of sunshine and it was still very hot and humid.

We spotted one of the Queen's deer grazing in a tree by the path.
Such beautiful creatures. Until they start moving towards you with a not very nice glint in their eye...

Our halfway turn-around point was the park at Kingston Gate where I graciously took a 15 minute break so Luca (son numero uno) could stretch his legs and swing from the monkey bars.

On the way back Luca ran down the nasty hill like he always does but didn't continue on with his usual distance as he spotted a juice that I had for him in the buggy and promptly decided he'd had enough of running for today and wanted to sit in the buggy and be pushed instead. I didn't blame him really.

 And so we continued on our journey home. Beni (son numero due) was already away with the fairies so it was a very quiet, relaxed run home. Nice.

A visit to the shops in the afternoon resulted in purchasing a pair of running shoes for Luca which he is very proud of!
Oh, and a football.

Tomorrow is our 14km 'family' run around Richmond Park again so I doubt these shoes will be white for much longer!

Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. Great adventures! So you DO run with two! All strength to your arms! Love the wildlife and the sleek shot of the red phil & teds, JUST like ours. When we're walking Esther loves to hold the top of the bottom seat, the perfect height for her to push. Young Luca is looking mighty spunky. RUN FOREST RUN!!! Pippa