Friday, 23 July 2010

Marathon Training recap - 10 weeks to go!

I am pleased to report that after ONE WHOLE WEEK of official marathon training I feel GREAT!
I shouldn't get too excited though... it has only been 1 week.
I've still got 10 more weeks to go...
AND I've still got the 14 mile long run tomorrow - which I am {surprisingly enough} looking forward to!
It will be interesting to see how I manage my first real long distance run since bambino numero due was born...

A factor that I'm having to incorporate into the marathon training is running with a buggy with 2 kids in it!
My on-line training schedule didn't bring this into consideration did it. No.
I had to swap a run this week - instead of doing a short 'brisk' run on Wednesday I did it today and Wednesday's run became an "easy" run  
(well, if pushing a buggy with 2 chunky monkeys in it can ever be classed as 'easy'?).
My husband was away for work so I didn't have a choice but to take the children with me on the run.
But it was fun.
Luca was very entertaining, once again, with his stretches...

...before he took off as fast as his little (yet long) legs could carry him.
Which is pretty fast.

He feels very special in his new running shoes.

My body's feeling good - although I've gained a kilogram this week... WHAT?!?!?!@*%?$!!!
Ah well, I'm still hoping to lose 5kg before I run the marathon. 5kg's less to carry around 26.2 miles is all I'm thinking about!

Anyways, had a good quick run tonight - felt really great to get those fast-twitch fibres into action again - they were loving it! It felt comfortable enough and felt pretty quick, yet I was only averaging 7:51min/mile. Was hoping for 7:30min/mile. Ah well.
I ain't bovered yeah innit.
And I've still got 10 weeks to get there!

Have a great weekend everyone with enjoyable running!


  1. Maybe pushing kids in a buggy and stopping to take photos might have something to do with the time? You're amazing Brigitte!!!

  2. Pushing a buggy with two in it while running - HARD WORK! You're awesome!! And much faster than me. I'm a really slow .... but out there doing it!