Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Going Solo

Yesterday I was able to get out to do my regular Richmond Park circuit without having to push the buggy.

Oh. My. Goodness. It makes SUCH a difference!

I can go faster.
I don't have to stop every few minutes to meet the demands of snacks/water/boogie-on-finger etc.
I think I actually forgot how easy it is to run solo. Even with the hills I averaged a 5.21min/km pace which I'm quite pleased with. I'm thinking it was the ANGRY music with dirty guitars I was listening to which helped me keep up a decent enough pace.

Unfortunately I am rather sore today even after quite lengthy stretching at the finish of the run...
I guess it makes sense though because this is only the 2nd time I've run the park by myself since having bubba 7 months ago - and the last time I ran it was when I did my calf-muscle in at the 6km mark...

When Luca asked me to play car chases with him this morning I happily obliged until I tried to get down on my knees and crawl around quickly like he was doing... oh to be young again huh?

So I've become a member of the LogYourRun website and have their app on my iPhone but it's a bit crap to be honest...
It decided to stop recording the run somewhere between the 1km and 13.94km mark... grrrrr.
I had to calculate my pace myself, taking the run time and distance. Oh well, modern technology doesn't always work in my favour.

I'm enjoying my 'rest' day today and am back out there again tomorrow, this time pushing the buggy... oh well, at least my arm muscles are strengthening up as a result of pushing a 17kg toddler, a 9.5kg baby and a 13kg buggy!
And all that weight makes you go really fast down the hills!

Happy exercising.

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