Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Bring it!

I don't know what it is about me that loves the rough and tumble, dirt and mud of the outdoors. I blame it on my farmgirl roots and spending many a school-holiday day roaring around (and falling off) motorbikes on the farm, getting mud, cow/sheep poo and swamp water flicked up in my face by the rider ahead of me. Or maybe it was the carpet rides behind the tractor that left you covered in grass, dirt, cow/sheep poo (again) and normally with a black eye and grazed face. And yet I LOVED IT!!!

As I got older I started running around the farm, taking on the steep hills as my daily challenge.

My favourite Saturday morning long run was to run up and down and over and across the many hills with one or two of the farm dogs, following sheep trails to the back of the farm where there was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL waterfall. That was my half-way mark where I would strip down to bra and undies, jump off the 16 metre waterfall for a quick cool off in the fresh (sometimes a little too fresh!) waters below, climb up the rocks again to the top, re-dress, running shoes on again and then continue on my run home.

Flipping brilliant!

I think it was my exposure to all things farm-like and growing up with this kind of outdoor space and beautiful countryside all around me that began my love for trail/cross-country running.
The dirtier the better.
The harder the better.
If there's blood, that's even better!

So keeping this in mind, check out this race I have entered hubby and myself in at the end of November (I didn't ask him, just entered him cos I know he will love it!...I hope...).
Make sure you watch the video attached in the link to give you a real idea of what we are in for.
11 miles of mud, blood, sweat and, more than likely, tears.

Oooooohhhhhh yeeeeeeeeaaaaaah.

I'm also trying to decide on a marathon to enter towards the end of the year. This will be my first marathon - I've done plenty of halfs but it was one of my new year's resolutions to run a marathon this year... so I better jolly well do it!

So of course I was trying to eek it out and enter one in December (so i can just sneak one in there before the year's out!) but December is scarce on the marathon front. Damn.

So I am now looking at the Florence Marathon at the end of November. My youngest child will only be a few days over 1 year old by then but I'm sure I'll be fine.
Dude, if I can give birth to bouncing baby boys then surely I can run a marathon?!

I've never been to Florence so hey, why not? Better enter it now before I chicken out...

If anyone out there has any advice or a great training plan for a Mamma running her first marathon I'd LOVE to hear from you!


  1. Go you good thing! Mary-Anne did the Buller Half-Marathon in Westport last year and loved finishing it :)
    I can't wait to show her your kewl website when she wakes up.

  2. way to go!!

    Sounds like you have some beautiful places to run!! I run on a treadmill every day so that sounds like a dream.

  3. Hm, yep I can see you guys doing that, it looks .... exhausting ;) I hope you have the option of wearing devil horns while you're doing it, that might make it a bit happier. Just don't get injured doing that before the Florence marathon, ok?! :) Really good idea to have races lined up to do, that will keep you super-motivated. Well done you xxx