Tuesday, 6 July 2010

A quick run-through about ME!

Hi! My name is Brigitte, 34.... no, 35 years of age...
Mamma of 2 delicious little boys.
Wife to 1 delicious husband. Sorry, had to be said.
We are Kiwi's living in London for nearly 8 years now. 

I have endured running since before I can remember, but over the past 10 years I have started enjoying it! No, not just enjoying it, actually LOVING it!
I am mostly a recreational runner though I have a fair few half-marathons under my belt - PB 1:43.
I particularly enjoy off-road/trail/fell races - they are so much more challenging and interesting to run and the scenery always more than makes up for any discomfort experienced.

I ran through both of my pregnancies wearing a support belt (like a massive elasticated belt really). I can testify that keeping fit before and during pregnancy makes for a good labour and birth - I'm not an expert or anything but I'm presuming this is because of the strength needed and the pain/endurance threshold being that much higher? That's my guess anyway.

We live right by Richmond Park in London so my husband and I try to get out running with the 2 kids in our buggy as much as possible. It's always nice to have an excuse for stopping "for the kids to have a break"...

My big running aim for this year is to complete a marathon by the end of 2010. Not bothered where, somewhere with nice scenery though.

I guess a big part of me starting this blog is to keep myself accountable in a way... if I see my results recorded somewhere it will urge me on to do better and not easily give up on my goals. It annoys me when I do.

I can also be found at my Stay At Home Mamma blog here


  1. KIWI'S?!?!

    I married one! We just returned from NZ in June. LOVED running there! So amazing!

  2. STOP IT!! You married a kiwi?? Good taste in men then ;-)
    Oh yes the BEST running there - so so SO beautiful it hurts to think about it...
    We were back for Easter then got 'stuck' there because of the Icelandic volcano erupting. Oh well, it was just like being stranded in Paradise!
    Thanks for your comments!
    And great abs too by the way (in your marathon pics) - jealous!! One day I'll get rid of the baby belly! :-)